About us

Sobarmaajhe is a bengali word which means to accumulate together beyond boundary within the nature. This organization is established with greeneries, polluted free fresh air in lonely village areas. Sobarmaajhe is just 50 minutes away from Dumdum Airport, Kolkata, India. Built on the basis of traditional Bengali architecture like Bengal villages, the eco-tourism center blends completed with the uniqueness of the nature.

It surrounded with various natural trees like bamboo, mango Benana, coconut, Quiet, rustic milieu with pure breathing within natural beauty, delicious traditional Bengali food and natural meditation zone.

About Sobarmaajhe Unnyoyon Prokolpo:

life style of villagers

• Sobarmaajhe NGO (Trust regd. No.3829/19) established with main principle to develop the life style of villagers by generating economy and awareness program to empower career opportunity of women, children and overall needy people through different curriculum.

Set up library

• Sobarmaajhe has set up library to provide education and other subject’s technical support to the needy people for their career growth by providing books and awareness program.

Cloth bank

• Sobarmaajhe established one cloth bank to provide different type of clothes (new and used) to BPL category and needy people for their daily use and social support purpose.

Children education program

• Skillful awareness training in different areas is also conducting through sobarmaajhe sikhyaayatan. Specially children education program is very effective to provide their awareness to choose career in different field based on their merit and ability. Trainer of Sobarmaajhe conducting different programs for them to find out their skill and evolve them to the specific curriculum for building their career path.

Organic farming

• Organic farming specially Mushroom, baby corn cultivation and different items like mushroom pickle, morrobba, preserved foods are preparing by “sobarmaajhe didis”.

Handicrafts product

• Different type of handicrafts product like cotton doll, bamboo furniture, paper model and foods product are also preparing by our “sobarmaajhe didis” through women empowerment model.