An Old Age Home for Parents to
Spend Their Days in The Lap of Nature

Sobarmaajhe Trust (Regd. No. 3829/19) and as per rules of
maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens.

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Welcome To Sobarmaajhe Non-Profit & NGO Organization

A much-coveted step for sake of “our” parents, the Sobarmaajhe Old Age Home is going to be launched with the initiative of Sobarmaajhe Trust (Regd. No. 3829/19). Our seniors, who require some peace and a joyful life after experiencing a long busy/stressful journey, will get a cozy, friendly and welcoming home here with taking full responsibility including medical assistance.

Why Choose Sobarmaajhe?

Choose us because we care. Seniors above 50 yrs old, Retired personnel, Widowed, Medical Deformities and abandoned seniors with nowhere else to find solace, as well as, those who require care, will get all the love and attention with a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Be enthralled in a totally unique world full of clean sky, pollution free air, open green patches, precaution measurement from covid and all pandemic diseas and comfy accommodation at the ecotourism facility of Sobarmaajhe. A serene slice of greenery tucked amid the hubbubs of the city, Sobarmaajhe is all about well manicured lawn areas, comfortable community hall and resort, yoga and healthcare center, training centers, fishing ponds, various animal farming and a plethora of tropical ornamental trees, total area approx. 51 katas of land so we maintain social distance.

General Facilities

1. The place is Near About 50Kms away from Airport, 3Kms away from Jaguli Main Bus Stop and 8Kms away from Kanchrapara, 24 PGS(N) Railway Station.
2. Vast open green space with zero pollution.
3, We pledge to provide more peace and engagement than we earn in terms of lifestyle.
4. Live-in facility for the senior citizens and weekly program with people regardless of caste, creed, religion, financial and societal status.
5. Yearly two times of (two days and one night) free accommodation to the relative of the boarder.
6. A part of the profit will be allotted for trust for development of people from different walks of life from the society.

Medical Facilities

1. AIIMS within 5kms and tie-ups with three other nursing homes within 10kms (Kalyani and surrounding). Other hospital facility also can be arranged based on choice of the member.
2. Free check up by two doctors (one allopathic and one homeopathy) per week.
3. Maintaining daily data card for each member and publishing weekly report in our web portal.
4. Yoga class, daily meditation, spiritual programs, brain engineering program and various other entertainments to celebrate joyful life and a healthy lifestyle.
5. 24×7 nurse/ ayah facility for individual attention on booking.
6. Emergency healthcare unit.
7. 24×7 ambulance facility.
8. Above all, full area is sanitized regularly and special attention is given towards safety from coronavirus and other pandemics.







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    Service And Infrastructure

    1. Aarti twice a day at the temple.
    2. Air-conditioner, TV, fire alarm, room heater, Wi-Fi, intercom and emergency calling facility in every room.
    3. Regular freehand, meditation, yoga and laughing program.
    4. Library, online and offline class on various subjects, adda zone.
    5. Washing responsibility twice per week to be borne by sobarmaajhe like cloth, dress, other personal usage clothes.
    6. Agricultural farming, fishing, cooking, training of duck and goat farming if any member is interested.
    7. Customized diet and hygienic food according to requirement of the individual health four times in a day (room service also available based on merit and requirement).
    8. Every member will get one unique ID, which is to be mapped on our portal so that each update on information will be notified to individuals and their relative/nearest acquaintance will be able to track the update any time.

    Proper Security

    1. Boundary around the facility.
    2. 24×7 Watchman.
    3. 24×7 floor supervisor including service man/ woman.
    4. CCTV including Wi-Fi and fire protection.
    5. Oxygen and emergency health service.

    Latest News

    Quite geometrically and thoughtfully set up architecture to encourage both the villagers seeking some better livelihood and the boarders/members seeking solace in this era of life, our facility will take you to the laid-back way of life. So, we believe in one motto i.e. WE CARE.